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Vera McLafferty | Owner, Queen Bee

Originally from New Hampshire, and an IC grad school alum, Vera has been living in Ithaca now for over 25 years and has been spending time in the Wyers-Sheldrake-Kidders area over the past 20 summers with her husband & family.  Vera loves swimming and hiking the area with her 2 dogs, 3 children and step-son Joe -- who has been a vital part of the market remodel!  The kids have grown up on Cayuga Lake, collecting fossils, fishing for trout, camping out, making s’mores, painting rocks and hiking the gorges.  Many a summer has come and gone putting along in paddle boats thinking how nice it would be to have a destination to go and get s’mores’ fixings, a dozen eggs or some milk – and finally Vera decided to take the plunge and make it happen!  Growing up with a backyard garden is another favorite past time that she plans to incorporate into the Bee and grow delicious veggies for the café and flowers for cutting.  Vera and her family are excited to make this a great community hub and they look forward to meeting you at the Bee!